Saturday, April 29, 2017
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About Green Burial

Staffan-Mitchell Funeral Home continues to be leaders in the industry. As Chelsea’s first certified Green Burial Council provider, we are proud to offer biodegradable caskets, burial shrouds, environmentally friendly embalming fluid, and burial wash.

The concept behind green burial is nothing new. It is an ancient practice in which the body is prepared with environmentally friendly products, using the least amount of waste, and leaving the earth in which the body is interred as natural as possible.

“It is clear that nature has intended that our bodies be reunited with the earth.  All organisms that have lived, have died, and returned to the soil...only to be recycled into new life.”1

Green burial has come to be understood as end-of-life rituals, disposition options, and products that do not involve the use of toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. In other words, it’s burial that does not involve embalming with hazardous chemicals, metal caskets, and concrete burial vaults. Green burial uses less energy and creates less waste than conventional burial. It's essentially the way most of humanity cared for its dead for thousands of years up until the late 19th century. In some instances, green burial can also be used to facilitate ecological restoration and landscape-level conservation.

1Green Burial Council.