Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Our History... Founded in 1853 by Frank Staffan, the funeral home business has been passed down from father to son for several generations. The Mitchell family moved to Chelsea in 1981.  John Sr. and Gloria Mitchell bought the Staffan Funeral Home from George and Kathryn Staffan, ending a four-generation Staffan legacy.
About Green Burial Staffan-Mitchell Funeral Home continues to be leaders in the industry. We are proud to offer biodegradable caskets, burial shrouds, environmentally friendly embalming fluid, and burial wash.
Memorial Keepsakes Who was this loved one? What were their passions, their beliefs? What did they like to do in their spare time? Who did they love and what were the gifts and joys they gave to us? A memorial should reflect and pay tribute to the person it commemorates.


In 2001 the Mitchell family moved the funeral home from the downtown district to its current location at 901 N. Main St. As one of the newest funeral homes built in Washtenaw County, the 8,000 square-foot barrier-free building is spacious and open. It radiates a warm, home-like atmosphere.

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Funeral Service in Stockbridge is provided by the Mitchell Family.  John and Gloria, and  son Johnny and his wife Cindy purchased the business from the Caskey family in August of 1995. In 2004 Mike Mitchell joined the business and now the brothers run the operation together.  Since 1995 the Mitchell family has been fortunate to carry on the tradition of care that had been set by the Milner and Caskey Families.

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We are a full service facility, offering traditional services, cremation services, pre-paid trust funeral agreements, and a full line of monuments and markers. Pre-planning a funeral may seem a difficult task. However, making funeral arrangements in advance is one of the best things you can do for the ones you love.

You can pre-plan any or all of your funeral services, from selecting merchandise, to the order of service, to gathering information for legal documents. Anything you do ahead of time will make things easier at a time when family members are already stressed.

The following is a list of vital information needed for legal documents following one’s death:

  • Person’s Full Legal Name
  • Person’s Legal Address (Including Township and County of Residence)
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth (City and State)
  • Social Security Number
  • Highest Level of Education
  • Race/Ancestry
  • Member of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Usual Occupation/Kind of Business or Industry
  • Marital Status
  • Name of Surviving Spouse (if wife give maiden name)
  • Father’s Full Name/Mother’s Full Maiden Name

The following are some things to think about when planning a funeral:

  • Place of Service/Visitation
  • Clergy officiating
  • Suggested Scripture, Poetry, or Readings
  • Organist, musicians, or vocalist
  • Family member participation in Funeral Service
  • Casket Pallbearers
  • Memorial Contributions
  • Flower Choices
  • Pictures for Memorial Folders and/or Video Tribute
  • Final Disposition (whether burial, cremation, other)
  • Name and Location of Cemetery


If you have the information listed above and would like to start the pre-arrangment process by filling out our secure and encrypted form, please click here.