Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Memorial Keepsakes

Who was this loved one? What were their passions, their beliefs? What did they like to do in their spare time? Who did they love and what were the gifts and joys they gave to us? A memorial should reflect and pay tribute to the person it commemorates.

Technology has certainly changed the ways that funeral services are handled. It has provided a means through which families can personalize each service to reflect and honor the person they are remembering.  There are several ways to personalize a memory of a loved one.

Memorial Tribute Videos are becoming very popular. 30-40 photos can be put together in a video format, and the video can be played at visitation or a funeral service. The video is yours to keep, and we can make copies for family members to have as a keepsake.

Jewelry is unique and meaningful way to memorialize a loved one. Thumbies are fingerprint keepsakes that are made from an imprint of your loved one’s fingerprint, and then cast into sterling silver or gold. It can be worn as a charm on a necklace.

Life’s Treasures Jewelry can hold a lock of hair or a small portion of the ashes of a loved one in either a pendant or a bracelet.

Tribute Angels are hand-crafted and molded using the flowers from your loved ones funeral. It provides a wonderful way to preserve the beautiful flowers that otherwise only last a few days.

Monuments and Markers We are proud to offer monuments from Sunburst Memorials. Each stone is custom made. The designs and possibilities are endless. Each stone comes with our satisfaction guarantee.